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A NoPORT FILMS Production


A teen hacker seeking revenge for his father’s murder becomes a pawn in a plot to derail the 2016 presidential elections.

TONCRUZ and DIOP are teenage hackers. Diop wants to awaken society to the reality of overreaching government surveillance programs while Toncruz wants to use the technology to avenge his father's murder. As Toncruz connects to internet criminals on the deep web, PAUL HUNTER, a disgruntled vlogger, rants about political conspiracy theories. Both Paul and Toncruz are contacted by an UNIDENTIFIED USER who claims he can provide what is needed to expose the truth. Meanwhile, an artificial intelligence programmer observes what unfolds as  she attempts to contain the monster she’s created.

Filmed and scripted around true events between 2015-2018, American Thief is the first film in a trilogy of documentary and narrative fiction hybrids aimed at investigating watershed moments in recent history through the eyes of a diverse mix of fictional characters.

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